A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

It's a PC recreation of an old cellphone game "Bluetooth Biplanes" 

(originally developed by Morpheme Ltd. in 2004)


- Crossplatform

- Easy matchmaking using peer-to-peer connection

- Play with your friend using secret password

- Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay

- Optional hardcore mode: one-shot kills + more clouds for cover

- Automated statistics system keeps track of your efficiency

- Sounds and sprites can be modded

Written in C++ from scratch using sprites from original game

Graphics: SDL2

Netcode based on Simple Network Library
from "Networking for Game Programmers" by Glenn Fiedler

(author moved to other domain and reworked his site so the link is now broken)

The main purpose of this project was to recreate original feeling of game physics and make playable multiplayer, so singleplayer features aren't included.

Install instructions

Windows binaries don't need installation - just run the executable!
WARNING: Windows 10 is known for blocking executable or downloaded .zip. Please make sure to check 'Unblock' in file properties. Antiviruses may also prevent game from launching. 

Make sure that 'assets' folder is in same directory as executable for both Linux and Windows

If you want to build sources for yourself you can visit our github repository and follow provided instructions


Windows binary
Linux AppImage
GitHub source code